Pete Johanson @petejohanson

ZMK Creator/Lead, Keyboard Designer

Welcome to my personal corner of the internet. My 17+ year career as a software engineer has mostly been in the healthcare space, with a wide variety of technologies. Everything from MUMPS, Java, cross-platform C#, Ruby, and C.

My passion lies in open source; while in college I was a core contributor to the Gentoo Linux project, and then to various Mono related projects. Since then, I have dabbled in various OSS projects while also focusing on my professional work.

For the past 2+ years, my open-source energy has been renewed by creating and developing the ZMK firmware for custom mechanical keyboards.

Since getting into keyboards, I have also designed several keyboards (commercial and open-source hardware), which is very different creatively, and has been very rewarding.

Check out my projects to learn more.

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