KubeHat Project Suspended


Going into this project, I knew there was going to be an unhill battle, since the Pi Zeros on the hat run ARMv6. Debian/Ubuntu only target ARMv7 with their armhf packages, so many packages built for ARM from other ISVs, e.g. kubernetes, docker, etc are built targetting ARMv7 as well.

After the initial Raspbian setup, I had some early successes, getting things like buildah, podman, and cri-o as working.

Unfortunatly, further digging on Kubernetes itself has revealed that all semi-recent versions require the cpuset cgroups functionality. Attempting to compile the kernel with that feature reveals that it can only be enabled if SMP is enable, which isn't an option on the ARMv6 platform at all. Argh!

Given that reality, I'm going to (temporarily?) suspend my efforts on KubeHat. If such a time as the Raspberry Pi Foundation releases a model in the Pi Zero format with an updated SoC based on the ARMv7 architecture, I'm excited to take another stab at this.

In the meantime, I will be doing two things.

  1. Trying to get (Pi-hole)[] running via Podman on the main ARMv7 controller board.
  2. A new project that came to me while not sleeping...

Coming Soon: Raspberry Pi + Chimera = Pimera