Pimera Project Intro


Raspberry Pi + Chimera = Pimera

Since the original KubeHat is on hold, I was inspired to instead try to create the most diverse single Raspberry Pi cluster I could imagine. Inspired by the mythical Chimera, I've decided to call this effort, "Pimera".

Planned Operating Systems

This list may get revised, but my current rough plan is:


I plan to stick with Raspbian Buster for the main controller. I will probably do a fresh install of this, plus my various podman, etc. dependencies, to get rid of some of the Kubernetes cruft that accumulated from my efforts there. The main advantage here is getting the basic clusterhat CLI and the briding network setup from the base Cluster HAT provided images, and avoid having to set that up myself.

Pi Zeros

The following is my current OS target list for the Pi Zeros on the Cluster HAT:

  1. FreeBSD
  2. NetBSD
  3. Alpine Linux
  4. TBD

Next Up: FreeBSD for the Pi Zero

Next up, I'll document setting up FreeBSD on the Pi Zero.